5 Ways your purchasing team is losing money without weekly construction progress photos

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5 Ways your purchasing team is losing money without weekly construction progress photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if a picture was worth a thousand dollars? If you work for a large new home builder and you’re not leveraging weekly construction progress photos to verify conditions on work sites, you’re losing money.  Here’s how:

1. You’re catching mistakes too late

The later that your team discovers an incorrectly installed option the more it costs to fix. Even if your sub-contractor is responsible for the fix, the schedule for delivery of the home will be impacted. Using weekly progress photos, you have the opportunity to catch those mistakes much earlier, which means the impact on the schedule will be significantly less.


2. Your team is wasting time chasing down information

Getting timely and accurately updated information is a real challenge. Leverage construction progress photos to confirm schedule adherence and to confirm the accuracy of your data.  There’s nothing like seeing it for yourself.


3. You’re lacking accurate and timely information in communicating with vendors and field managers

When communicating with vendors, wouldn’t it be great to actually know what is happening on the home site?  Better yet, send the vendor a photo or provide them access to the homesite photos so they know exactly what you’re looking at.


4. You lack visibility to the consistent installation of standards or options

Access to construction progress photos provides you with a level of quality control that you can assess virtually.


5. You’re in the dark about worksite conditions

Your ERP may not always be up to date with the latest conditions on the home site. There’s nothing like a photo to accurately capture the true conditions of the home site on a specific date. Leverage these photos to identify waste and confirm delivery – no assumptions required.

We consistently hear from our customers that the purchasing team benefits greatly from the weekly construction progress photos that we take.  They’re often our biggest fans!  Let us know if you’d like to talk further about how we can help your purchasing team have an even bigger impact on your organization.

At 149Photos we’re on a mission to create a new home-buying experience that is unlike any other. We’ve taken over 10,000,000 in-progress construction photos for over 60,000 homes and we’re helping some of the nation’s top builders create deeply engaged, raving fans. Let us know if we can help you too!


Article by Gordon Henderson – 149Photos